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White Sox trade Adam Eaton to Nationals

Pending physicals

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Yesterday, the White Sox traded off Chris Sale. With that monkey off the front office’s back, they settled into their next task — selling everything that isn’t nailed down. Everyone thought the Sox would go back to the Nationals to see if maybe they’d be interested in Chris Sale. It seems they’re looking at an outfielder not named Andrew McCutchen.

To make it more real, Ken Rosenthal also confirmed with his source codenamed “Penny Billiams” that the Sox are talking to the Nationals about Eaton. Finally, things seem to be advanced enough that Rick Hahn has postponed because he was “tied up with other business.”

Things are moving fast though, faster than I can type. Ken Rosenthal’s source is on fire! It’s almost as if he’s right in there!

There’s no confirmation yet, but it sounds like this is really close to get done. We’ll keep you updated as always.