2016 White Sox Valentine's Day Bonanza

Last year, our Lord and Savior, Jim Margalus went ahead and posted this little gem around Valentine's Day. Unbeknownst to him it would spark a creative revolution in my unkempt and under-appreciated loins. In a flurry of madness, I wasted an entire day at work creating incredibly daft White Sox themed Valentine's Day cards. Some were a hit. Others were a complete miss. I apologize for none of it and I hope I blinded the shit out of your eyes with my erotic .JPG's.

Because I am such a nice guy, I went ahead and asked Mr. Margalus if I could post a few more and he said to me over Twitter, "You are a disgusting person. When you showed up at last years Methup, I thought you might be cool but you didn't talk to anyone and ate a lot of our Cool Ranch Doritos. GET AWAY FROM ME YOU HANDSOME PSYCHO!"

Let's keep it to 140 characters, Margalus. Yeeeeesh!

He later apologized to me because Jim knew that public humiliation is the kind of thing that makes me want to start killing people again. He told me to go ahead and post some of my dumb pictures because it would make me happy. He told me to post the potential NSFW ones in the comment section. I ... uhh ... think I stayed within Community Guidelines. Note: I've never read them and don't want to!

Anyway, I will now unveil some of my 2016 Valentine's Day Cards. If you would like to share your own vile creations, post them in the comments section. Please note that if they are really gross then someone (Jim Margalus) might take them down because of Community Guidelines (which to be clear, TLDR).

Mat Latos Valentine

I figured this one to be topical. Also who spells Matt all like, "Hay, Imma Mat? Doi!"

William Ligue: Planetary Savior

It's 2016 and I still can not get enough of this crazy forest creature! God bless his wacky heart!


I decided to go a little old-skool on ya'll and bring it back to a time when we actually had Half Price Pepsi Tuesdays.

Daniel Webbbbbbbbbbbb

I don't really like this one but I made it

Rodon Detector

This is less Valentine's Day card as it is more of a PSA to make sure all of you play it safe in your own domiciles.

Duke Puke.

Is this NSFW? Hell, I just work here, bro.


This was easily my favorite to make. Joe Borchard is as timeless as Dick Clark, cane sugar, and drug fueled sex in your dead grandparents bed.

EDIT: This Eaton one used to be in the comment section but since my original website has given up the ghost and broke the link, I decided to throw it up here.

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