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White Sox vice chairman Eddie Einhorn passes away

Chicago White Sox

White Sox vice chairman, co-owner, and former president and COO Eddie Einhorn has passed away due to complications with a stroke.  He was 80.

Einhorn was one of Jerry Reinsdorf's partners in the purchase of the White Sox in 1981.  Einhorn was often the public face of the new ownership in the early years as the team's president and chief operating officer from 1981-90. He also hosted a weekly radio show on WMAQ for several years.  In 1990, he moved to the vice chairman role and away from day to day operations of the club.

He originally met Jerry Reinsdorf while they were both attending Northwestern and has been involved in several of the Jerry Reinsdorf's sports ventures such as Sportsvision and the Chicago Bulls.

Before purchasing the White Sox, Einhorn was a leading force in bringing college basketball to television in the last 1960's.  For this, he was inducted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011.