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Podcast: Hope Springs Eternal

Guests this week are 780 WBBM's Rob Hart,'s Scott Merkin, and Chicago White Sox Dir. of Amateur Scouting, Nick Hostetler.

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The Condor won't be used in Cactus League action til March 19th.
The Condor won't be used in Cactus League action til March 19th.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With today being Leap Day could be a sign of promise for the Chicago White Sox. Previous leap years have meant a winning record and sometimes a division title:

2012: 85-77

2008: 89-74; AL Central Champs

2004: 83-79

2000: 95-67; AL Central Champs

1996: 85-77

1992: 86-76

1988 (71-90) was the last Leap Year that the Sox didn't have a winning record. Maybe a winning record is in the stars.

This week's rundown:

  • You can read his post from yesterday about the legacy of Eddie Einhorn, but 780 AM WBBM's, Rob Hart, shares more about the history of Einhorn's tenure as Sox President and how his impact is still felt today in sports broadcasting.
  • [13:53] beat reporter, Scott Merkin, calls from Glendale to explain what Kenny Williams was trying to get at with his comments about Ferrari's and Volkswagon's. Why Don Cooper has decided to push Chris Sale's first Spring Training start to March 19th, and the likelihood of another move made by Rick Hahn before Opening Day.
  • [25:49] College baseball has began, and with the Sox holding on to the comp pick, it could be worthwhile to keep an eye on the collegiate ranks. Director of Amateur Scouting for the Chicago White Sox, Nick Hostetler, joins to share his scouting checklist when watching hitters and pitchers, and the frustrations he has on select few college programs abusing pitchers with high pitch counts and repeated usage.
  • [43:38] Finally, we get to your questions in P.O. Sox, in which Pnoles fills in for Jim. Here are the questions:

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