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Adam LaRoche's retirement about son's presence, not health

Still-pending decision prompted by White Sox' request to not bring son into clubhouse as often

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

A decision that still surprises the baseball masses and Chicago White Sox fans has taken a dramatic turn on why Adam LaRoche decided to retire from the game.

It Started with a vague tweet from Pittsburgh-based sports writer, Dejan Kovacevic, who hinted that it was a decision made by the White Sox that led to LaRoche retiring.

While this tweet doesn't say much, if anything, it hinted at foul play involved. Was this another "Jeff Keppinger situation" in the sense that Rick Hahn informed LaRoche that he would be cut if performed badly and retiring was a way for a proud baseball player to save face?

Nope. Instead it was about Drake LaRoche.

In a piece by the Chicago Tribune's Colleen Kane, when the Sox signed LaRoche in 2015, they were also aware of his request to have his son tag along.

When the Sox signed designated hitter Adam LaRoche to a two-year contract in November, they also brought on board Drake. Or as Adam calls him, the Sox's "26th man."

So why the change of heart a year later? Thanks to Ken Rosenthal, we found out exactly whom in the front office had an issue -- or at least who was willing to voice them.

To provide even more transparency for Kenny Williams' request, Rosenthal posted Williams explanation on his Facebook page.

Put in between deciding to continue playing the game he loves and leaving his kid behind to go to work, LaRoche decided to call it quits to be with his son. This is how the Adam LaRoche saga ends. Perhaps the most unexpected way possible.