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Podcast: White Sox 2016 predictions

A friend of the podcast, ESPN's Dan Szymborski, drops by to give us the ZiPS win projection for the Chicago White Sox and our choice for the 2016 fulcrum.

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Melky Cabrera's play will have a large impact on the success of 2016 for the White Sox
Melky Cabrera's play will have a large impact on the success of 2016 for the White Sox
Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Chicago White Sox wrap up Spring Training this week with three remaining games before playing a two-game exhibition against the San Diego Padres April 1st and 2nd. That said, this is our season prediction's episode.

Here is this week's rundown:

  • After laying out the candidates of who can earn the honor (or curse) of becoming the 2016 White Sox fulcrum, Jim makes his final selection on who could have a great impact this season.
  • [13:52] FoP, Dan Szymborski, stops by to share his thoughts on who will win each division, how many wins the White Sox will have, and the five most likely World Series match-ups.
  • [27:03] An oldie but a goodie, over/under's is back with KenWo placing bets. If you would like to play along, click on this link to make your predictions.
  • [38:27] A new game we're introducing to the podcast, Beer Bet's with Pnoles. This time, I'm making even more ridiculous bet's than I currently have with him now (Jimmy Rollins will be the Opening Day shortstop AND bat second in the lineup), involving players such as Tim Anderson, Carlos Rodon, and Jose Abreu.
  • [51:38] Finally, we get to your questions in P.O. Sox that even includes a question from a semi-celebrity: 

To listen, just click play below:

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