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White Sox trade rumors: It's really about an outfielder

Murmurs of Carlos Gonzalez and Jay Bruce resurface in a Bruce Levine report

Now that's an uppercut finish.
Now that's an uppercut finish.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In case anybody had gone through outfielder rumor withdrawal, Bruce Levine has an answer for your jones, albeit with slightly different packaging than to which we are accustomed:

A relentless pursuit of left-handed power has been the objective of the Chicago White Sox front office since last October.

Let's not phrase it like that, because the last two hunts for "left-handed power" resulted in casualties courtesy of The Curse Of Considering Jim Thome Disposable. This lede is especially rude, talking about Adam LaRoche like he isn't even here (although considering he homered during Friday's game, perhaps the Sox should keep this up).

Either way,  when you see who the story really concerns, it's going to be rude to somebody:

The White Sox  may now be focused on Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez and Reds outfielder Jay Bruce.

Like an old pair of slippers, the cautious search for Avisail Garcia's replacement (or platoon-heavy supplement) is always there for you. Really, Rob and I may have inadvertently figured out how this all will end on Twitter a couple weeks ago ... or will it?