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The 8th Annual Outing: SSS IRL

Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah

*667 days injury-free*

Once again, we will convene at the beloved South Side confines to cheer on the good guys, and collectively commiserate over the loss of Drake (RIP, lil' buddy).

This year's outing (affectionately known as the methup*) will take place on Saturday, June 11th vs. the Royals of Kansas City. It's Father/Daughter day at the park; but as always, I don't recommend bringing kids to this fiesta unless they're of drinking age and preferably on birth control.

I hope to have our section secured and everything settled up with the front office by Friday, April 29th - so WHO'S COMING?

Please comment in this thread if you are confirmed for attending.
If you require more than one ticket, please indicate total tickets required.
Money can be submitted through Paypal at any time now (details below).

Please also comment if you want to join for the tailgate, but won't need a ticket.
If that's the case, please email me at the address noted below so I can get an accurate headcount on tailgaters and keep you abreast of those details.

Cost per person is $35 - which includes the game ticket and some snacks and beer to be provided at the tailgate.
If you cannot/don't want to attend the tailgate, cost per ticket is $30

Submit payment through Paypal to

Email me with any questions or concerns!

*meth not included