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It's sinking in for Mat Latos

Coop seems to be workin' on 'em, and that's a good thing.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout spring training, Mat Latos was a source of concern for the White Sox.  In his three spring starts, Latos gave up 23 hits in 13 innings.  That was good for a 10.38 ERA.  Although the top three guys are are pretty solid, the hopes that Latos was going to help strengthen the bottom of the rotation was fading.  That is, of course, until he played some games that meant something.

In his two starts during the regular season, Latos has been a completely different pitcher.  Over 12 innings, he's given up only four hits.  That's good for a 0.75 ERA and 2.98 FIP for those two starts.  So, how has he done it?  Well, here's how right handed hitters are doing again Latos's sinker so far this season.

Latos Sinker

Mat Latos has had seasons where he's thrown his sinker more than his four-seam fastball.  Those seasons have also been among his best.  While his whole arsenal got some work during spring training, his sinker is the pitch that he's featured the most so far this season, and that's working out well for everyone.