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White Sox home opener: At least the scoreboards are different

Everything else looks about the same in a six-run loss

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Most of what we saw in the White Sox home opener on Friday afternoon wasn't new, especially since the Sox lost last year's edition by a six-run margin, too, right down to the pointless pickoff.

We're familiar with John Danks looking like he's on the precipice of seeing his job security evaporate. And we're familiar with him being the best option until one of the potential starters-in-waiting strings together successful outings in the minors (although 2015 Erik Johnson would say this guarantees nothing). We're also familiar with the idea that few teams have decent fifth starters. Hell, Oakland started Rich Hill on Opening Day.

We're familiar with the mistakes made in the field and on the basepaths, and the idea that maybe somebody as fragile as Danks should have the best defense behind him possible (although shortstop represented the only upgrade opportunity on Friday).

We're familiar with unusually terrible weather conditions yielding barf results.

We're also familiar with the boring old concept of losing a disadvantageous pitching matchup, while having favorable ones in store the rest of the series.

What we're not familiar with? U.S. Cellular Field's huge new scoreboards.

That being the case, for those who attended the home opener, I'm curious: What did you think of the new video displays? Robin Ventura wasn't particularly helpful in this regard: