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Todd Frazier leaves today's game with an injury

It looked scary but it sounds like he'll be OK.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Todd Frazier has left today's White Sox game after going into the stands to try to catch a foul ball.

It happened in the bottom of the fourth inning with Prince Fielder at bat.

As Frazier entered the stands, it looked like his face hit an arm rest.  He immediately left the field for the dugout with his glove over his face.  In the broadcast booth, Hawk Harrelson immediately left the broadcast to head to the Sox locker room to see if everything was OK.  Carlos Sanchez came in to replace Frazier at third base.

When Hawk returned to the broadcast, he reported that Frazier hadn't broken his jaw (or presumably any other facial bones) and that he had driven his teeth through his lower lip.

Frazier required five stitches to his lower lip and is now listed as day to day.