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Farewell, Hector Sanchez

Buster Posey's former backup is on his way back to the National League. This time, he's off to San Diego.

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The San Diego Padres claimed Hector Sanchez off waivers and rather than heading back to Charlotte, he'll be getting another shot on a major league team.

The White Sox signed Sanchez to a minor league deal this past December after the Giants declined to offer Hector Sanchez arbitration.  Grant Bisbee eulogized his departure in a story that has sounded a bit like the career arcs of some former White Sox prospects.  After a few, decent seasons in the minors with modest improvements, Sanchez was suddenly rushed from high A to AAA to the majors in 2011 to be a backup at 22.  Rather than return to AAA for more development in the 2012 season, Sanchez stuck with the Giants as a backup for five seasons.  While this sounds kind of familiar to Sox fans, it isn't the development path most fans are used to, but it's turned out OK for Sanchez.

Sanchez deserved better. He probably deserved a normal career arc. As is, though, I'm sure he can't complain. He caught a no-hitter. He has two World Series rings. He has his moments in Giants lore

So, after two games and eight plate appearances, Hector Sanchez is now an ex-White Sox.  With Kevan Smith still on the DL, the current third catcher in the system is toss up between former Brewers journeyman Vinny Rottino and minor league Rule 5 draftee Omar Narvaez with a slight edge to Narvaez based on his regular appearances this spring.  Let's hope Herm Schneider can keep working his magic with Dioner Navarro and Alex Avila for a while.