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Indians 4, White Sox 3: Fitting end to homestand

A decent Jose Quintana outing isn't enough to make up for a lack of offense

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The traditional bullet-point, watched-at-work recap:

*Jose Quintana suffered a different kind of hard-luck loss, as the Indians scored two of their three runs against him via unusual methods. Adam Eaton played an RBI single into a two-run triple in the second inning -- the dive didn't work, but that might've been the reason why it was a bad idea. An inning later, Joe West called a pickoff a balk (rightly this time, it seems), which moved a runner into scoring position, and turned into a run on a sac fly.

*He also received his customary lack of offensive support, due in large part to outages. Jose Abreu had three hits, but Brett Lawrie and Dioner Navarro went 0-for-8 with four strikeouts behind him. Likewise, Avisail Garcia and Austin Jackson went 4-for-8 from the bottom spots, but Adam Eaton and Jimmy Rollins were 1-for-9 at the top of the order.

*Quintana's line was fine: 6 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 8 K. The Indians made him throw 115 pitches, including 46 across the two innings in which they scored.

*The Sox did make a game of it when Melky Cabrera lashed a two-run homer off Bryan Shaw in the eighth inning, but the Indians were able to score a fourth run just before. Yan Gomes' hot shot got past Todd Frazier's backhand attempt for an RBI triple in the top of the inning.

*Before that point, the Sox were only able to get on the board with a lot of help from the Indians. Todd Frazier reached on a Corey Kluber walk to start the inning, and after the next two batters couldn't move him, he took it upon himself to get going. He took off for second with a walking lead, and Gomes' attempt to throw him out sailed into center field. Frazier popped up and ran to third, and when Rajai Davis botched the pickup, Frazier kept running home, scoring as the throw came home late.

*The Indians made three errors, and the Sox made none. So much for the first rule of baseball.

*The Sox went 3-7 on their 10-game homestand. Perhaps the road will be more hospitable, although a road trip to visit last year's World Series team doesn't figure to be the easiest assignment.

Record: 27-21 | Box score | Highlights