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MLB Draft 2016: White Sox Day 2 open thread

White Sox set to make eight more picks after three on Thursday night

The second day of the MLB draft starts at 11:30 CT, and it'll return to its rapid-fire roots -- no commercial breaks, no visuals. You can follow the draft tracker and audio of the announcements on as the league runs through rounds No. 3 through No. 10.

As we enter Day 2, the highlights from the first night:

The last one is a paywalled article at Baseball America, but Nick Hostetler says the Sox have "no question" that Collins can catch, and they're ready for the Hansen project.

Looking ahead to this afternoon,'s draft tracker lists the top available prospects, which includes 33 players from its top 100 -- or 10 more than there should be, since the day opens with the 78th pick.

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