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White Sox Rumors: Tim Anderson getting called up today

No official news yet, but Jimmy Rollins also appears to be out.

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

With the draft and all the other news, Rick Hahn and the White Sox aren't slowing down on changing up the roster.  Reports are out this morning that Tim Anderson will be joining the White Sox today.

Dave Williams broke the Mat Latos DFA yesterday and other transactions recently so his sources are on fire (or soon to be fired).  Also, as I'm putting the finishing touches on this quick story, our own larry also confirmed this rumor from his sources as well.

The second part of this is that Jimmy Rollins is the player leaving.  Most likely, he will be DFA'd but there isn't 100% confirmation on that part yet.  Rollins has hit .221/.295/.329 for the White Sox this season with two home runs.

After getting off to a slow start in April, Anderson is currently hitting .304/.325/.409 with four home runs and 11 stolen bases in 55 games for Charlotte.

Expect more updates here as this story develops.