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Jake Petricka and Daniel Webb have season ending surgery today

I told you. It gets worse.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With all the other news going on, the White Sox decided to pour it on today.  The Sox have just announced via Twitter that Jake Petricka and Daniel Webb had season ending surgeries today.

Webb had Tommy John surgery in right elbow.  With rehab, he is unlikely to be part of the White Sox plans until next summer at the earliest.

Petricka went on the DL with a right hip impingement.  At that time, the thought was that his trip to the DL would be short and uneventful.  Obviously, that prognosis changed.  Bruce Levine reported it as "hip labrum" surgery. That's a new surgery for me so the rehab time required is a bit of a mystery.

While Webb hasn't been consistently on the major league team since his debut with the Sox in 2014, he could be very close to the super two cutoff after this season meaning he'd be eligible for arbitration this offseason, leaving the White Sox with some tough decisions on Webb. Petricka will be arbitration eligible this offseason.

Both pitchers are likely to hit the 60-day DL at some point, allowing some additional space on the 40-man roster.