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MLB Draft 2016: Day 2 Recap

Here's a quick roundup of yesterday's draft action for the White Sox.

The announced strategy of the White Sox 2016 draft was to get "baseball players".  Also, after last year's draft, Nick Hostetler mentioned a desire to go after more position players focused on contact and getting on base.  We did see more of that for certain. Let's give you all a quick introduction.

3rd Round | Alex Call | OF | Ball State | Junior

The response from the draft studio was "Who?" and that was with Jim Callis and Jonathon Mayo there.  Call is another Wisconsin product from this year's draft (yes, there's baseball up here) that went to Ball State.  He didn't seem to be on anyone's radar and hit .358/.443/.667 this past season for the Cardinals.  Wait, how wasn't he on anyone's radar?  Anyways, he played center field in college and was 17 for 21 in stolen bases so I'd expect him to jump into center field in the minors until someone decides he can't.

While there was some talk that this was the underslot guy, he might not go that far below.  While he wasn't really thought of as a prospect, he does have a senior year left.  It's a risk for him, but for the White Sox too.  We'll have to wait to see how this turns out.

4th Round | Jameson Fisher | OF | Southeastern Louisiana University | Junior

Left handed hitting Fisher had been a catcher most of his time through college, but, after surgery on a torn labrum during last season, he came back this season spending most of his time at first base. The Sox selected him as an outfielder and is likely to spend his time in left field in the minors. He may stick there, or gravitate toward a first base/DH role.  He lead college baseball in batting much of the season and was projected as high as the second round for this draft.

Fisher hit a modest .424/.558/.692 with 11 homers, 54 walks, and 31 strikeouts in 276 plate appearances.  He also chipped in 15 stolen bases without being caught while being described as a guy without a lot of speed.  He's a baseball player.

5th Round | Jimmy Lambert | RHP | Fresno State | Junior

In the fifth round, the Sox picked a nice, safe, mid-round pitcher. Although starting 15 times for Fresno State, he stayed under 100 innings so might get a few appearances this summer in the Sox minor leagues. While not a power arm, he struck out 78 in 98.2 innings and only walked 19. At 6'1" and 160 lbs., he might steer more towards the bullpen in his future, but has the arm to eat innings and get extra reps as a starter so that's where he'll likely be in the low minors.

6th round | Luis Curbelo | SS | Cocoa HS | HS Senior

Curbelo is a University of Miami commit so here's the White Sox overslot guy in the typical overslot spot.  Curbelo had been in an Puerto RIcan Academy, but moved to Florida prior to this season.  He started a bit slow this season which caused his stock to drop a bit.  He also may be more of a third baseman in the future but with a decent pipeline in the upper minors will probably stick to shortstop for now.

7th Round | Bernardo Flores | LHP | USC | Junior

Flores is a pitcher who's struggled quite a bit this season.  In 16 games, four starts, he put together a 6.70 ERA with 50 hits, 16 walks, and 36 strikeouts.  He put up similar walk and strikeout numbers last season with far fewer hits.  He's young for a junior, but having never been drafted before, this might be the best he can hope for with his junior year numbers.  With his limited innings, he may get some starting reps this season, or the Sox might limit his time to work on whatever issues caused his decline this season.  Being a lefty, there's no way to know what he might be.

8th Round | Nathan Nolan | C | St. Mary's | Junior

Nick Hostetler talked him up during Friday night's game.  He said the Sox had expected him to be gone as early as the second round, so felt pretty good about getting him in the eighth (Note to Nick, hold back some things before the contract is signed).  He's seen as more of a defensive catcher and good with the pitching staff.  He does have a bit of a strikeout problem, with 86 Ks in 222 ABs this season.  He'll certainly get a good deal of the catching load at one of the rookie league teams.

9th round | Max Dutto | SS | Menlo College | Senior

Dutto played three season for Cal and hit .217 over that time.  For his senior year, he moved to Menlo College and hit .276/.456/.594 with 13 HRs.  I'd say he's like a box of chocolates, but my guess is the Cal guy  is probably what the Sox will see in the minors.

10th round | Zach Remillard | 3B | Coastal Carolina | Senior

Remillard was a Freshman at Coastal Carolina when his brother, Will Remillard, and Jacob May were drafted in 2013. The Sox drafted Casey Schroeder from Coastal Carolina last season. Remillard was also previously drafted in 2012 in the 38th round by the Astros. He's been unremarkable as a college hitter up until this season when he hit .348/.399/.632 with 18 home runs. He seems to have had a big change in approach, since his strikeouts went from 40-ish a season to 71 this season with similar plate appearances throughout. He's another baseball player who should stick at third base in the minors where he's played all through college.