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White Sox Rumors: Robin Ventura is on the hot seat

There’s new talk of Robin’s job security. This time, it’s coming from a national baseball writer. That's not good for Robin.

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Maybe the idea that Robin Ventura’s job security with the White Sox is great isn’t that new to us. In Chicago, there’s been some rumblings among the various beat writers. Now, however, the national writers have picked up the story so things are starting to get a bit serious.

While Jon Heyman doesn’t have the batphone to Kenny Williams' office that Ken Rosenthal has, Heyman picks up on the Robin Ventura rumors and writes that things for Robin are looking "not good". Unfortunately, the signs from the front office that they understand what has happened are also not good.

Nobody believes it’s necessarily Ventura’s fault but there is a growing feeling, even among some with the team, that it might not hurt to do something.

While lineup construction, bullpen handling and other issues have been regular themes here for a while, one would hope that the front office would have similar concerns by now. For me, I’m assuming that the respect for Ventura within the organization is holding back harsher criticisms from the press.

Finally, Heyman brings up the meatball idea that Robin should be more fiery, pointing out Robin’s three ejections while mentioning that there hasn’t been any clubhouse blowups. Ventura’s supporters, though, defend Robin’s TWTW.

People who know him say the fire burns within, and that Ventura is as competitive as anyone. But no one expects outward negative emotion.

As usual, we’ll keep you updated if anything changes.