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South Side Sox LIVE!: Hello, Matt Davidson ...and good-bye?

In an attempt to put more power in the lineup, the Chicago White Sox call up Matt Davidson who only lasted two plate appearances before fracturing his foot.

Bro-hi-o moment.
Bro-hi-o moment.
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Stream begins at 7 p.m. CT, which you can listen in the player below:

  • Matt Davidson provided a positive with an RBI and run scored in his first action with the Chicago White Sox. However, now suffering a fractured foot are the White Sox back to square one trying to generate additional offense?
  • Tim Anderson continues to be awesome.
  • Teams are jumping ahead of others making additions with the Marlins trading for reliever Fernando Rodney and the Dodgers trading for starting pitcher Bud Norris as Clayton Kershaw goes on the disabled list. The White Sox already made the first big move of the trading season adding James Shields, does the front office have to be hasty in making more additions before others jump in line?
  • Preview the Houston Astros series.