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White Sox MLB draft 2016 possibilities: Gavin Lux

Tied to the Sox in mock drafts at No. 26, the draft's second-best shortstop might have to be considered at No. 10

Over the last month, Gavin Lux has been a popular name in mock drafts for the White Sox, although it comes in the compensation round . The mockers have been more sure about the Sox' interest in Lux at No. 26 than they have been about the 10th pick.

It is not a secret that the White Sox like Lux, a shortstop out of Indian Trail Academy in Kenosha, Wisc. The problem is they are not alone. MLB draft guru and Friend of the Podcast Jim Callis talked about the White Sox' long-held interest in Lux, floating the possibility that the Sox could take Lux at No. 10 if their favorites (such as Corey Ray) are already off the board.

Who is Gavin Lux?

In April, I wrote a draft FanPost showcasing 13 players who did not make MLB's top 50 prospects list. Lux was one of the players I wrote about.

Gavin Lux - Short Stop - HS - athletic frame. Body projects to add more strength especially in the upper half. Lux, a slick-fielding shortstop who verbally committed to Arizona State in June. At 6-foot-2, 170 pounds, he’s more of a line-drive hitter at this point, though his left handed bat has the potential for power as he grows into his frame. His style at shortstop, though, has been compared to that of Latin American middle infielders.

Where does he rank?

Law's ranking is probably most indicative of Lux's draft stock. He was ranked No. 41 in his previous list.

What's his game?

Lux is the second-best shortstop in the draft behind Delvin Perez, who is a top-10 prospect. Everyone agrees that Lux has the ability to stay there.

Baseball America provided an updated profile on Saturday as Lux nears the end of his season, saying scouts noticed improved power from added muscle, and he has five-tool potential. Coming from a cold-weather state has made it harder for him to hone his hit tool against advanced competition, though.

What does he look like?

Why would the White Sox draft him?

He is a local kid from Kenosha and the Sox have followed him closely. They would be happy to draft him at No. 26, as they have been tied to him there in mock drafts before Lux's rankings rose to that territory.

It's a secret that's not a secret, as BA wrote:

Lux attended a workout with the White Sox on Friday, then graduated from Indian Trail Academy (Kenosha, Wisc.) on Saturday. He hasn’t been able to attend as many workouts as he would have hoped to because of how late into the spring his high school season lasted.

Why would the White Sox not draft him?

Because Lux might not be around at the 26th pick. From the same article:

Lux will attend a private workout with a team picking in the teens on Tuesday. His helium this spring has put him in first-round consideration.

Add the Dodgers with real interest. They have the 20th and 31st pick.

As you can see, he might be gone at No. 26. So ... here's the thing: Do the White Sox like him enough to sign him at No. 10?

I am given to understand ,there have been conversations along these lines. His camp would be willing to sign under slot at No. 10. The money saved would be something like $1 million. The Sox can also spend 5 percent over their draft pool. That would be an additional $450,000.

At any rate, I say there's a 50 percent chance that he'll be available at No. 26. If he is gone, there are more fish in the sea. If the Sox take him at No. 10, the rest of our draft would be most entertaining.

Where is he going in mock drafts?

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