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Podcast: Slipping Away

At this point pretty much all happy memories of the Chicago White Sox starting 23-10 have evaporated. After a horrible series in Anaheim, once great odds breaking the eight-year postseason drought are incredibly slim.

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Episode 102 is in the books as I forgot to ask Jim if he is siding with Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift. Maybe next time.

Here is this week's rundown:

  • What happened to the offense? Why did Jacob Turner pitch on Sunday? Will we see more frustration from the Sox players? We tackle these three questions as the lack of high OBP players is beginning to hurt. How it's hard to defend having Turner pitch on Sunday when Chris Sale or Jose Quintana had plenty of rest.
  • [26:00] We step outside of White Sox talk and invite our friends Matt Lyons from Let's Go TribeRob Rogacki from Bless You Boys, and Max Rieper from Royals Review to chat about each team's chances of making the postseason. Will the Cleveland Indians make a big splash enhancing their chances of winning the American League pennant? Will Mike Illitch force Al Avila to mortgage more of Detroit's future to add? Are we seeing the window of opportunity close on Kansas City?
  • [44:08] Finally, your questions in P.O. Sox asking about Robin Ventura's job status and Avisail Garcia's job status. Plus this gem:

To listen, click play below:

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