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TradeThread: Working the weekend

The MLB Trade deadline is just two days away, and there is still quite a bit of smoke surrounding key players like Jonathon Lucroy, Jay Bruce, and even Chris Sale. Will there be any major deals closed this weekend? Or, will the trading season end with a thud?

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Before we speak to the trade rumors, 670 the Score's Bruce Levine had this to say on his morning baseball show:

It'll be interesting if anyone else from the Sox beat can confirm this to be true. Perhaps if Chris Sale has had many confrontations with his manager, it's no wonder why he threw him under the bus. If the Condor does get traded this weekend, wouldn't be a surprise to learn that his attitude is what lead to Rick Hahn moving him.

Speaking of Sale trade rumors.

One of those players is the Red Sox top prospect, Yoan Moncada. Ranked second in MLB Pipeline's new Top 100 prospect, Moncada is the prize if a deal can be struck between the Sox and Sox. The rumor that a deal could be in place created a lot of smoke last night.

While that Snapchat photo got people excited on Twitter, it ended up being a fake (the real photo here).

Looking at the current MLB standings, adding another starting pitcher would be wise for the Red Sox.

AL Projected Playoff Seedings

1) Cleveland Indians

2) Texas Rangers

3) Baltimore Orioles

WC1) Toronto Blue Jays
WC2) Boston Red Sox

Houston Astros are 1.5 games back, and the Detroit Tigers are just two games back of the Red Sox, so there is fear that they might not make the postseason with the current 25-man makeup. There is also hope that by making a big move like trading for Sale, they can win the AL East and gain home field advantage throughout the playoffs as they are just 2.5 games behind the Cleveland Indians. Then there is the pending retirement of David Ortiz that plays a factor that the Red Sox front office would love to send him off like Peyton Manning this past Super Bowl. It makes a lot of sense to find the prospects to meet Rick Hahn's asking price for Chris Sale, and get a deal done by Monday.

Then there is the Texas Rangers, who have been reported to be more active than the Red Sox in obtaining the Condor.

Elsewhere in Major League Baseball.

Jay Bruce

A lot of smoke last night surrounding Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jay Bruce, as there was a rumor that the Los Angeles Dodgers and a Mystery Team could work out a three-team trade in which Bruce went to LA. Well, that supposed three-team deal is dead, for now.

While the Dodgers lead the pack in interest, other teams are starting to drop out of the race.

Jonathon Lucroy

I'm a bit surprised he hasn't been moved yet, as teams like the Cleveland Indians who could use Lucroy. That bubble may have popped when Lucroy's blocked team's list came out, which included the Indians.

The front runner for Lucroy is assumed to be the New York Mets.

This morning, the tone has changed, and it has a similar feel to how the White Sox are approaching the idea of moving Sale.

If teams are in need of a catcher, it appears that San Diego Padres catcher Derek Norris is a "near lock" to be traded this weekend.

With this many teams in playoff contention and few who are still sitting on the fence, it's hard to tell if any of these trade rumors come to fruition. As the day progresses, we'll be posting updates below.