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White Sox prospect Spencer Adams injures ankle

Pitcher had to be helped off mound after right ankle apparently gave out

White Sox prospect Spencer Adams left his start today in the third inning after injuring his knee ankle. According to a reliable report:

That suggests that it was his right knee ankle. Winston-Salem was rained out last night due to severe weather which resulted in unplayable conditions at their home park. Pure speculation, of course, but that could be potential factor in the injury.

Adams, 20, was arguably the White Sox' best available trade piece and, if the injury is serious and the righty is out until after the non-waiver trade deadline, this significantly reduces the ability of the team to acquire an upgrade to the major league roster.

The 44th overall selection in the 2014 Draft, he was making his 17th start of the season for High-A Winston-Salem. Not including his line from today's game: 99.2 IP, 110 H, 16.2% K rate, 4.6% walk rate. Of players left in the minors, Adams would probably rank as the consensus #2 prospect in the organization, after Carson Fulmer.

Update 6:32 p.m: it sounds like it's actually his ankle.

Update by Jim: 7:16 a.m.: It is his ankle, and it's not the way you'd imagine a pitcher injuring a part of his push leg. Adams delivered the pitch, but when he swung his right leg around and put weight on it, it just flat gave out on him:

Spencer Adams injury

Adams was in obvious pain and had to be helped off the field, putting zero weight on it.

Spencer Adams walk