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South Side Sox LIVE!: Hello, old friends

The last weekend of play before the All-Star game is a reunion of sorts as the Atlanta Braves come to town.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

To listen, click play below:


  • Recap of the New York Yankees series - can we trust Miguel Gonzalez to hold up?
  • Preview the weekend series against the Atlanta Braves. With AJ Pierzynski, Tyler Flowers, and Gordon Beckham back in town, we ponder how White Sox fans will take them in?
  • Chris Sale is the lone White Sox All-Star representative (so far) and he plans to let it loose in the game. Should we as fans be concerned if Sale goes all out in a meaningless game?
  • Speaking of the All-Star game, with Jose Quintana and Adam Eaton excluded from fan and player voting, are sabermetrics still living in the shadows of baseball?