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Podcast: White Sox Farm Report

Our guests this week include Brian Boesch of the Winston-Salem Dash and Curt Bloom of the Birmingham Barons, who share their insight on the White Sox top prospects.

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Episode 106 is available for download and to stream. Here is this week's rundown:

  • A friend of the podcast, ESPN's Dan Szymborski provides the updated ZiPS projected win total for the Chicago White Sox. He also predicts who will make the American League playoffs and can Jose Quintana win the AL Cy Young.
  • Our main focus on this week's episode is the White Sox farm system. Starting with Brian Boesch and the Winston-Salem Dash. He provides insight on Zack Collins hitch in his swing and how he has recovered from his recent disabled list visit. On the pitching side, Jordan Stephens is having a great season and even made larry's most recent Top 10 White Sox prospect list. Boesch shares how adding a new pitch has helped Stephens reach a new level.
  • Curt Bloom from the Birmingham Barons last year predicted that Frankie Montas would end up in the bullpen despite starting in AA. I ask him about Carson Fulmer's future and if he is destined to remain as a reliever. We discuss how Spencer Adams is getting used to the AA competition (had a great start on Saturday night).
  • We had a couple of questions for this week's P.O. Sox. One, asking who could be some of the top free agent targets if money wasn't an issue for the White Sox. Second is below: 

To listen, click play below:

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