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Terrerobytes: Misery loves company

Bad ideas, bad planning, and bad results from around Major League Baseball

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Use your Sunday morning to catch up on some stories that fell through the cracks because the White Sox were eventful. I didn't realize they had a theme, but it appears to be other teams' gripes, some of which the Sox share(d), and others that are fortunately foreign.

Grant Brisbee did a good job of identifying the self-defeating nature of Rob Manfred's suggested improvements -- if you tweak the game for more offense, it's going to slow down the game, because baserunners make pitchers work more slowly. Pitch clocks, on the other hand, are fine. I watched my first game under pitch clocks in Durham, and I didn't notice them whatsoever.

Houston Astros GM Jeff Luhnow is not a fan of no-trade clauses, mainly because two players who rejected trades to the Astros ended up joining the division-rival Rangers (Cole Hamels and Jonathan Lucroy). While the Astros successfully executed a rebuild, they could've been a little less callous about the way they regarded players.

Keith Law might've sold a few Insider subscriptions with his excoriation of the Diamondbacks front office of Tony La Russa and Dave Stewart. There appear to be no below-the-belt shots -- Law mostly organizes Arizona's public missteps, like poor talent evaluation and their mishandling of draft pools and picks. The one account that relies on anonymous sourcing is an amusing one:

No mistake has loomed larger than the constant stream of errors around Cuban right-handed pitcher Yoan Lopez. The brand-new front office reached to sign him for $8 million after the 2013 season, even though it appeared that he was priced by other teams at about one-tenth that number. The Diamondbacks didn't understand the international bonus pool rules, and thus were unaware they would have to pay an $8 million penalty on top of Lopez's bonus AND would be prohibited from signing any July 2 free agents for the next two signing periods until after Lopez's deal was official. [...]

Stewart's unfamiliarity with the rules hasn't just applied to the international pools. According to multiple sources, in early 2015 he tried to make a trade with another team that would have violated MLB rules, and the GM of the other team had to explain to him that such a move was not allowed.

The Chicago White Sox: They're aware of rules.

Hector Santiago might not carry James Shields' financial obligations, but he's making a similar first impression with the Minnesota Twins. He got shelled by the resurgent Royals for his fourth loss in four tries with Minnesota. Over that stretch, he has a 10.89 ERA with 32 hits and seven homers allowed over 19 innings. He sounds a little messed up:

"At some point during the game I just gave in and said, ‘I'm not going to walk anybody tonight.' That was the mind-set," Santiago said. "And I gave in too much to that."

Even though he's playing for a team with considerably less ambition in his hometown, Gordon Beckham is having a relapse to his late-Sox career -- a bench player who collapsed upon receiving regular run.

  • First half: .290/.387/.458 over 124 PA
  • Since: .111/.189/.185 over 90 PA
  • Total: .213/.304/.370
That's good for a 75 OPS+, which is less than the 79 OPS+ he posted from 2010 to 2015. At any rate, he's back to the bench after being on the wrong end of musical chairs triggered by the promotion of Dansby Swanson. You know, just one of those highly touted SEC shortstops in the big leagues the year after they were drafted.