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Podcast: Goodbye, Dioner Navarro

Harry Pavlidis from Baseball Prospectus is the guest this week to tell us what the lesson's Rick Hahn should learn from all this.

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Episode 108 is available for download or stream. Here is this week's rundown:

  • We recap a wonderful weekend for the Chicago White Sox as they won three out of four against the Seattle Mariners. Do the Sox have another run in them that can lead to their first non-losing record since 2012? Was this a missed opportunity for the Mariners to enhance their chances of making the postseason? We'll preview this week's Detroit Tigers series.
  • Our guest, Harry Pavlidis from Baseball Prospectus, as he did on our first episode this season explains why the White Sox should have known that signing Dioner Navarro was a bad move. As a bonus, Harry also explains how we can grade game calling for catchers and how that impacts pitchers especially with pitch calling (spoiler: not entirely Chris Sale's fault why he isn't throwing more changeup's).
  • Finally, we answer your questions in P.O. Sox. Here are the one's that made the show: 

To listen, click play below:

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