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South Side Sox Interactive Hall of Fame Results

The South Side Sox faithful elect four to Cooperstown

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The Expos are well represented in the Hall
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With 245 votes counted this year, candidates needed 184 votes to reach the magic 75% mark. This year, four legends met that number.

Getting the Call to the Hall (75%+)

Tim Raines received 240 votes, good for 97.9%. This is no shocker as Raines has been elected on South Side Sox three previous times. Last year he made it with 88%.

Vladimir Guerrero gets the call in his first year on the ballot with a strong 84% of the vote. He was named on 206 ballots.

Jeff Bagwell reached 82.4% with 202 votes. It is the first time South Side Sox elected him. He received 60.8% of our vote last year.

Ivan Rodriguez joins Guerrero as a first ballot Hall of Famer. He was named on 195 ballots, good for 81.2%.

Near miss: (60-74.99%)

Barry Bonds was named on 180 ballots, just four votes shy of the necessary 184. He received 73.4%. He made a jump from last years 59.6%. Things are trending very well for Barry.

Roger Clemens was named on 66.9% of the votes. He had 56.6% last year. Things are trending in the right direction for the Rocket.

Edgar Martinez was named on 64.4% of the ballot. This is up from 50.6% last year.

Strong Support (50%-59.99%)

Mike Mussina was named on 146 ballots, good for 58.2%. That is up from 51.5 percent last year.

Got some work to do (30%-49.99%)

Curt Schilling received 118 votes, good for 48.1%, which was about a 6 percent raise from last year.

Trevor Hoffman received 99 votes, good for 40.4% of the vote. This is down from 50.6% last year. Hoffman may be the first candidate that gets in before South Side Sox voted him in.

Larry Walker received 96 votes, good for 39.1%. It was a big jump from his 17.1% last year.

Manny Ramirez tallied 93 votes on his first trip to the ballot. The total was good for 37.9% of the vote.

At least they got double digits (10%-29.99%)

Fred McGriff got 68 votes, good for 27.7%, which is a sad drop from last year’s 39.2%.

Gary Sheffield received 59 votes, good for 24%. That is a seven percent gain from last year.

Sammy Sosa received 44 votes, good for 17.9%. This is up from last year, when he received 13.8%

Lee Smith received 37 votes, good for 15.1%. This is down 25.4% last year, and Lee Smith has now fallen off of the ballot. It is up to the veterans committee now.

Jeff Kent received 35 votes, good for 14.2% of the vote. He also took about a ten percent hit from last year.

Magglio Ordonez received 28 votes, good for 11.4% of the vote in his first run. This is far too low. You heathens.

Still on the ballot (5%-9.99%)

Billy Wagner received 15 votes, good for 6.1%. That total will allow him to be talked about next year. This is down about two percent from last year.

Jorge Posada received 13 votes, good enough for 5.3%. He will stay on the ballot next year, which I hope happens with the real vote. I think he deserves a second look.

Off the ballot (4.99% and lower- 13 votes needed to stay on)

Tim Wakefield had 10 votes, falling three short of staying on.

Orlando Cabrera had 5 votes.

Mike Cameron had 5 votes.

Pat Burrell had 4 votes.

Carlos Guillen had 4 votes.

Edgar Renteria had 4 votes.

Freddy Sanchez had 4 votes.

Arthur Rhodes had 3 votes.

Casey Blake had 2 votes.

Derrek Lee had 2 votes.

Melvin Mora had 2 votes.

Jason Varitek had 2 votes.

Matt Stairs had 1 vote.

JD Drew had 1 vote.


Tim Raines has always had strong support here, and on his final try, there was only more support. He skates in. Vladimir Guerrero’s high KenWar was enough to get him elected on his first shot. Jeff Bagwell finally reached the 75% threshold on the South Side Sox ballot. Unlike Mike Piazza, there will be no waiting for Ivan Rodriguez. He is in on the first ballot.

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens both received a major boost. Bonds was only four votes short, Clemens missed by 20. The closers all saw their vote totals tumble. Trevor Hoffman, who is very close in the actual Hall voting, didn’t even crack 40% here. Mike Mussina both received small gains. Fred McGriff saw a loss, while Manny Ramirez- even though he actually failed two tests- easily surged past Gary Sheffield and Sammy Sosa. Lee Smith’s ballot run is done.

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2011: Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2012: Barry Larkin

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2013: Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2014: Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2015: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Craig Biggio, John Smoltz

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2016: Ken Griffey, Jr., Tim Raines, Mike Piazza

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2017: Tim Raines, Vladimir Guerrero, Jeff Bagwell, Ivan Rodriguez

Next year, we see another strong first year class. Jim Thome, Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, Scott Rolen, Carlos Lee, Johnny Damon, Omar Vizquel, Jamie Moyer, Carlos Zambrano, Johan Santana, Scotty Pods, Hideki Matsui and Brad Lidge among others will join the show.

Thanks for participating!