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Terrerobytes: Saturday SoxFest recap

Frank Thomas is very happy that former teammate Tim Raines is making the Hall of Fame, not so much for Jeff Bagwell and Ivan Rodriguez.

What captured the media room's attention on Saturday at SoxFest was what Frank Thomas had to say about the announced Hall of Fame class.

Chicago Tribune: Frank Thomas 'not happy' suspected PED users getting into Hall of Fame

"We have two great players going in (this year) and they know. It's no secret," Thomas said Saturday at SoxFest. "If they didn't do it they would be stomping and kicking on interviews, 'I didn't do it.'

"If you didn't, you come to the forefront, 'Let's take a lie detector test," and these guys won't do it. Some of these guys were great players, but they wouldn't have been great players without drugs."

The Big Hurt was very happy for his former teammate, Tim Raines, being inducted into the hall. By process of elimination, Thomas is implying that Jeff Bagwell and Ivan Rodriguez were steroid users, which isn't new. Both players have the steroid cloud hanging over their heads for years. According to Thomas, fellow players in the hall are not happy to see players like Bagwell and Rodriguez earn the honor.

"A lot of guys that I respect that are real, true Hall of Famers, all they have is their legacy. They didn't make this kind of money. ... They're not happy about this at all."

Hostetler: Zack Collins was #1 on our draft board

During the "Building the Next Generation" seminar, Director of Amateur Scouting, Nick Hostetler, revealed some draft insight.

  • Even if the Chicago White Sox had the number one pick, they would have drafted Zack Collins.
  • If Zack Burdi weren't available at pick 26, they would have drafted Alec Hansen.
  • They have scouting reports on Clemson outfielder, Seth Beer since he was 14.
  • Hostetler would like to go younger in the upcoming 2017 draft. The White Sox will attempt to be more balanced selecting college and prep players, but that will be dependent on the best player available.
  • Both Hostetler and Dan Fabian (Senior Director of Baseball Operations) were very high on Dane Dunning when he was at Florida. They used Dunning as an example of how the White Sox are now operating during the rebuild - Hahn is leaning on the amateur and minor league scouting teams to help piece together returns.

Tim Anderson will be wearing #7

For all those that bought or received Tim Anderson jerseys, there is some bad news.

Anderson revealed during the "First Rounders" seminar that he would indeed switch uniform numbers from 12 to 7, beginning in 2017. The number holds significance to Anderson as everyone in his family has worn 7 and it was always his desire to wear 7 in Chicago.