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Podcast: Hello, 2017

Our first guest for season four is Harry Pavlidis from Baseball Prospectus.

Welcome back to another season of the South Side Sox Podcast. From now til Halloween, we'll be bringing you a new show each Monday. In April, South Side Sox Live! will return to recap the games mid-week and preview the weekend series.

Here is this week's rundown:

  • We recap SoxFest which completed this weekend. How new manager Rick Renteria has made a terrific first impression. What is the likelihood that Rick Hahn can trade Jose Quintana before Spring Training? Finally, what our expectations are for the 2017 season.
  • Joining us again to kick off another season is Harry Pavlidis from Baseball Prospectus. With the introduction of Called Strike Probability and Called Strikes Above Average, Harry shares more insight on what the team was trying to accomplish with these new metrics. How they can be used to measure Carlos Rodon's progression and the difference between Jose Quintana and Chris Sale.
  • We answer your questions in P.O. Sox. Here is the first batch of 2017:

To listen, click play below:

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