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Sporcle Saturday: White Sox Postseason Home Runs

Who’s hit a HR in the postseason for the Sox?

2005 World Series - Chicago White Sox vs Houston Astros - Game 3
I bet none of you forget this guy.
Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

Watching the playoffs this week, I got to thinking about how home runs in the postseason have a different quality about them than they do in the regular season. This, of course, makes sense: in the postseason, every moment is magnified such that when a big event like a home run does occur, the response is more dramatic than it might otherwise be during a regular season game.

Your quest for this week: name the nineteen batters in White Sox history (34 instances total) who have hit at least one home run during the postseason. Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • As usual last names are accepted, as well as first and last. There is one name that’s tricky to spell, so just the first name will suffice.
  • You’ll have 7 minutes to attempt completion.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the date of the game, and the position of the player.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or sadden your friends:

  • 24 of the 34 home runs on this list came when the White Sox were either behind or tied in the game.
  • In a useless stat that will surprise absolutely no one, 18 of the 34 home runs came during the Sox’ ‘05 World Series run.
  • That ‘05 grand slam? Good for the highest WPA of the home runs on the list, at 0.58.

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