Robb_WightSox's Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names.

Explain: Done with Petricka and Putnam 2nd straight year they couldn't stay healthy. Al and Farquhar were ok at best.

Impending free agents

Elaborate if needed: I had forgotten Soto even played on the team, Big Pelf was a bad innings eater we can do better..hopefully.

Free agents

Peruse the list of potential free agents and name two (or more) you would pursue, the max offer you would extend to them, and a brief explanation:

No. 1: Lance Lynn (three years, $33M). He is our number one priority. He can eat innings and we need to replace Shields after this season.

No. 2: Jake McGee (two years, $14M). It is time to bring in a consistent lefty out of pen and Jake is the guy. He will be Matt Thornton 2.0

No. 3: Tommy Hunter (two years, 6M). Hunter will serve as my last bullpen option and he is my long man after the rotation fails to go 5 innings.

No. 4 Hector Santiago (one year w/option at 9M). Welcome back old friend. Santiago's role will be the the Derek Holland of 2018. Last rotation spot and if he has any value we can ship him off again for Adam Eaton 2.0.


Propose trades that you think sound reasonable for both sides, and the rationale behind them. Example:

No. 1: White Sox trade Spencer Adams, Jake Peter, and Jameson Fisher for Rays Corey Dickerson. I like Dickerson since his days in Colorado. He can DH, play LF or CF and can hit bombs...and he is a lefty not named Adam


CF L. Garcia

2B Y. Moncada

1B J. Abreu

LF C. Dickerson

RF A. Garcia

3B Y. Sanchez

DH N. Delmonico

SS T. Anderson

C Narvy/Smith


Ace Giolito






CL- Fulmer

SU- Jones/McGee


I believe with this lineup the white sox can contend for the 2nd wild card. The rotation has better quality and can potentially eat innings and have a solid bullpen to maintain the lead when needed. Most guys are still developing so Cooper has work to do but it is solid. I do not doubt Fulmer can be a starter however, with this being year 2 into the rebuild, I want to see if his talents are best suited in the 9th inning. If it fails, stretch him in 2019 and by then Burdi should be up as closer. The lineup has more lefty power in Dickerson. At 3B I am rewarding Yolmer the starting job but can platoon with Delmonico or Davidson. L. Garcia can help the defense by playing CF and can be replaced by Engel late innings to keep him healthy. without including the bench guys or the renewable salaries i totaled $59.9M team salary (I gave Dickerson 8M in arbitration).

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