B-Nel’s Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names. Note that you can trade before or after tendering a contract, and that players can also be extended.

Explain the toughest calls if necessary: No real tough calls here, I could go either way on Putnam but figure for the price it is worth a roll of the dice to see if he can stay healthy.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go or qualifying offer)

Elaborate if needed: Not needed!

Free agents

My goal here is to load up on relievers that still have some potential to be good trade bait in the summer if 'Coop can fix em' ala Swarzak and to a greater extent Kahnle(none of these guys will be Kahnle). These are all filler and hopeful trade fodder and won't be part of any long term solution. For position players I don't want anyone that will take time away from a younger player that may deserve it or at least that we want to look at.

Steve Cishek RHP RP (1 year, 6 million, team option at 8 ) - Give him a chance to close and build up some July value.

Drew Storen RHP RP (1 year 3 million) - Former closer, two years removed from being pretty good. Similar to Cishek in that we put him in high leverage situations and hope for that trade value to tick up.

Ian Krol LHP RP (1 year 2 million) - Still relatively young at 27 and one year removed from a pretty solid season with Atlanta.

Tyler Chatwood RHP SP (2 years 12 million) - I've seen his name thrown around here quite a bit and I agree he is worth a shot.

Hector Santiago LHP SP (1 year 4 million) - We need at least one lefty starter probably until Rodon gets back, and I lean on the pessimistic side of his return timetable. Granted Santiago may join him on the DL immediately too so who knows.


I went through and thought of what trades the Sox actually need to make, and nothing really stuck out. Abreu isn't going anywhere, and unless we get blown away by an Avi deal there is no need to trade him either. Prospect for prospect trades are fun but tough to speculate on.


Supplement the pitching staff with lottery tickets and let the position players that we currently have battle it out. 25 man looks something like:

C: Smith, Narvaez

1B: Abreu

2B: Moncada

3B: Yolmer

SS: Anderson

UTIL: Delmonico(LF too), Leury(OF too)

OF: Avi, Tilson, Engel, Willy G

SP: Giolito, Lopez, Shields, Chatwood, Santiago

RP: Cishek, Storen, Krol, Minaya, Bummer, Infante, Putnam, Jones

DL: Rodon

Guys like Fulmer & Cordell could easily slot in with a good ST.

I'm probably forgetting something critical here I'm sure. The OF looks ugly, but if any of the Tilson/Cordell/Willy G group show anything that won't be too terrible next to Leury and Avi.

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