Eagle Bones' Offseason Extravaganza

Eagle Bones’ Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

I waffled over the non-New Mexican relievers for a second, but decided on NTing them all due to a combination of lack of health, lack of control, lack of upside, and the need for those extra 40-man spots to protect the Rule V eligible prospects.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go or qualifying offer)

No explanation needed.

Free agents

Sign RHSP Trevor Cahill, 1 year, $5 million

The surface numbers were ugly, but I love the whiffs, the Ks, and the grounders and the HRs appear to be ab it of an aberration. I wouldn't blame them for going with someone with a bit more certainty in terms of innings and health, but I'm opting for someone with a bit more upside.

Sign RHRP Luke Gregerson, 1 year, $7 million

You could basically copy/paste what I wrote above for Cahill. Whiffs, Ks, grounders and a HR rate that looks like it's due for some regression.

Sign LHRP Jorge De La Rosa, 1 year, $2 million

I could try to write something of value here, but really I just think they need a veteran lefty to put a little buffer between the Bummer / Fry / Clark group and the buzz saw.


I've only got one trade below, but I'd like to preface this section by saying that I definitely think they should look into trading Abreu and Avi. I doubt they find a taker for either that offers a package worthy of moving them, but I definitely think they should shop around here. I also think they should look into taking on salary in exchange for prospects, but I would limit that to guys who are paid through 2018 (and maybe 2019).

Trade OF Jameson Fisher and RHP Luis Martinez for RHRP Dellin Betances

I know Betances' ERA was still nice and shiny, but the whiff rate dropped, the walks went through the roof, and the stand rate save his surface numbers (it won't again). I honestly have no idea what he will cost, but several FG and MLBTR writers seem to think he could be had for a couple of lower level guys that don't need to be added to the 40-man (since the Yanks have a 40-man crunch of their own to deal with). I know it's not a great time to deal prospects, but I like the chances that Coop can turn around Betances' control and make him a really strong deadline trade chip (one that can bring back a couple prospects that are substantially better than these two).



1. Leury Garcia, CF

2. Yoan Moncada, 2B

3. Jose Abreu, 1B

4. Avi Garcia, RF

5. Nicky Delmonico / Wily Garcia, DH/LF

6. Yolmer Sanchez, 3B

7. Tim Anderson, SS

8. Ryan Cordell / Charlie Tilson, LF/DH

9. Kevan Smith / Omar Narvaez, C


Backup C (see above)

Jake Peter, UTIL (DFA Hanson and Saladino, recoup the 40-man spots)

Back OFs (see above, I believe Cordell and Garcia are out of options, hence the lack of a veteran bat here)


1. James Shields, RHP

2. Lucas Giolito, RHP

3. Reynaldo Lopez, RHP

4. Trevor Cahill, RHP

5. Carson Fulmer, RHP

DL: Carlos Rodon, LHP (takes Shields spot whenever he's healthy)


1. Nate Jones, RHP

2. Dellin Betances, RHP

3. Luke Gregerson, RHP

4. Juan Minaya, RHP

5. Gregory Infante, RHP

6. Jorge De La Rosa, LHP

7. Aaron Bummer, LHP

The payroll on this bad boy is a hair over $71 million, which leaves a nice chunk of cash to carry over to the following offseason where they could conceivably be adding. I know there's an attachment to Abreu, but it really feels like he's at peak value right now and I'd love to see them pick up another building block (or two). If they could find a good offer for him, I'd suck it up and take it and find the leadership in a vet FA signing. Ditto for Avi minus the leadership part. Unfortunately I don't see anyone offering anything really enticing for either. I wouldn't fault them for bringing in a veteran bat on a cheap one year deal, but I believe both Cordell and Garcia are out of options (correct me if I'm wrong) and I'd rather get a look at them than hope someone like Joey Bats or Granderson can show enough to be worth more than a lotto ticket at the deadline. I also wouldn't hate the idea of bringing in a veteran catcher to work with all the young arms (i.e. someone like Rene Rivera), but I'm ok with seeing if Smith or Narvaez can improve enough to be a competent backup. Overall I'm expecting a fairly boring offseason, but I actually think the season itself is going to be a fun one as we see the next wave of guys make it up (Kopech, Jimenez, Guerrero, Gillaspie, maybe Adams, Hansen, etc.) and more of the veteran detritus fall away from the roster. Looking forward to reading everyone's plans and refreshing MLBTR every 30 seconds!

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