Roke 1960's Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Most are easy calls. Petricka and Putnam can never stay healthy, but Putnam has more upside. Al can be resigned to a non-guaranteed deal if necessary.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go or qualifying offer)

Two no-brainers.

Free agents

This year is all about seeing what the kids can do. I think they can contend for a Wild-card spot (heck, almost everyone in the AL was in contention until mid-September this year), but the preseason expectations are low. If they are playing well thru mid-July, there will be a lot of flexibility to add. With that, here are my free agents:

Curtis Granderson- 1 yr. $7million. Need a left handed power bat to sandwich between Abreu and Avi against righties. Great clubhouse guy, Chicago boy. Could see him with a role in the organization after retiring.

Jake McGee- 3 yrs. $21 million. Here is my only expenditure past 2 years. He's been a solid shutdown lefty for most of his career, and will take them into the contending years.

Anthony Swarzak- 2 yrs. $10 million. Flourished under Coop. Would pair with McGee and hopefully Nate Jones to give the Sox a credible back end of the bullpen.

Hector Santiago- 1 yr. $5 million. Need to balance our all the righties in the rotation before Rodon gets back. Familiar face.

Luke Gregerson- 1 yr. $4 million. Another reliable bullpen arm. Also a Chicago boy.

Kevin Siegrist- 1 yr. $1.5 million. Good bounce back candidate. Maybe Coop can fix him too.

WILD CARD- Shohei Otani. I think the sox can be very competitive for him. Since it's doesn't seem about the money initially for him, the Sox have the ingredients that would make them a possible destination- AL team, very good young core, previous success with Japanese players. They are still a long shot (I think he goes to the Yanks), but he can't be ruled out.


Nothing here. Again, it's about seeing what the kids can do and also about letting the prospects develop. If they are in contention in July, maybe then they can trade some of the lower level prospects.


This is not a complete throw-away year as some think. There is enough talent on this team to be very competitive, but it would be smart to take a wait and see approach at the beginning of the season to see just what we've got. They will likely add three very good players by mid-season, Rodon, Kopech and Eloy.

LINEUP (vs. R/L)

1. Leury/Anderson

2. Moncada

3. Abreu

4. Granderson/Avi

5. Avi/Davidson

6. Delmonico

7. Anderson/Smith

8. Narvaez/Leury

9. Yolmer












with Rodon/Kopech by mid-season








Farquhar/Infante/Alburquerque/non roster invitee

The payroll comes out to $75-80million, leaving a lot of room to add or make a big splash next offseason.

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