TasteeFreeze’s Offseason Plan

Okay, first time. I’m of the opinion that the White Sox will continue to rebuild. They need to eat some innings from the rotation, and need more bullpen fodder. I think that they could pretty much field a line-up with what they have from last season. I am not trading Avi, as his value is still in question. Abreu is a team leader, and will be important going forward.

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Jake Petricka looks like he’s not the pitcher he was. I would non-tender him and resign, maybe for the same 1.1 he has coming, just for the roster spot. This is probably an asshole-ish move on paper from an organizational standpoint, but I’m not afraid of Paper Jake.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go or qualifying offer)

I think these will be pretty non-controversial non-signings. Anyway, off to the wheeling and dealing.

Free Agent Signings

The White Sox need some left-handed presence in the rotation. First, we’ll pick up an old arm that worked out fine with Mr. Cooper in the past, Francisco Liriano inks a 1 year deal for $7.5 million with a team option for a 2nd year at $10M. Liriano seemed to give up some of the advancement from his time in Pittsburgh, and Chicago is a perfect place to build up his value.

I then proceed to gobble up Jaime Garcia for 3/$30M. MLBTR seems to think he’ll go cheaper, but his quality is going to be harder to get the longer the offseason drags on. I will weather the other GMs screaming about jumping the gun on him to shore up my rotation.

I also need to buck up my bullpen with some serviceable arms. I’m not paying top dollar for the Addison Reeds and Joe Smiths out there. Since this is a simulation, I claimed Ian Krol when the Braves tried to sneak him through waivers during the post-season. I also grab Deolis Guerra and Mike Bolsinger for $1M and $600K, respectively.

I’m going to non-tender Tyler Saladino when it comes up. I’m sure Austin Jackson feels bad about his first trip through the south side, so I’ll give him another chance to be a LF/4th OF to back up Delmonico and Tilson for 1/$4M.


I’m not very optimistic with Matt Davidson’s ability to drop his strikeout rate and become the hitter we all dreamed of. But the Kansas City Royals are. And they’re willing to trade us fallen-out-of-favor Matt Strahm for those dingers, since they know they’re losing Mike Moustakas. edit - Seeing as Strahm is now on the Padres, the Royals will send some intriguing piece that needs career-ending surgery in March, and the Padres will send us Strahm.


My starting rotation is: Shields, Giolito, Lopez, Garcia, Liriano/Fulmer. If Fulmer or Kopech busts in, Liriano can be the swingman.

Bullpen looks like Nate Jones, Alburquerque, Farquhar, Bummer, Minaya, Infante, with Krol, Guerra, Bolsinger and Strahm playing roles.

Positional lineup: C-Smith, 1B-Abreu, 2B-Moncada, 3B-Sanchez, SS-Anderson, LF-Jackson, CF-Tilson, RF-Avisail, DH-Delmonico.

Bench: Narvaez, Leury, Hanson.

This works out to a 25+ man roster worth about $81.3 million, and an extra 3-5 million for guys on the 40 man.

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