ndsoxfan’s Offseason Plan

The White Sox are rebuilding. I was not a fan of the process that started last winter, but I am impressed with the talent that has been assembled by Hahn and the front office. That being said it's time to shake it up and have some fun.

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Explain the toughest calls if necessary:

All pretty straightforward calls.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go or qualifying offer)

Elaborate if needed:


Free agents

No. 1: Miles Mikolas (three years, $14M). The former Rangers farmhand has spent the last 3 years dominating in Japan. 2.18 ERA with 9Ks/9 and 1.1BBs/9. I'm expecting number 4 starter with upside for more.

No. 2: Mike Minor (four years, $28M). Our pitching staff needs lefthanders. Minor can compete for some innings in the rotation and be a dominate bullpen arm.

No. 3: Zach Putnam (one year, $900K). Another bullpen option when healthy - which obviously isn't often.


No. 1: Trade Micker Adolfo, Jordan Stephens, and AJ Puckett for Giancarlo Stanton and $45M. Everybody loves the long ball. It's time for the Sox to have another franchise type offensive player without having to win a popularity contest in free agency. Multiple GM's have stated that no one would claim Stanton if he were on waivers due to the money on his deal. I think it will take less than everyone thinks to get him.

No. 2: Trade Luis Martinez and Jake Peter for Jed Lowrie. The A's love making trades and have no use for Lowrie with Semien and Barreto. He's your new White Sox starting third baseman.


Rebuilding in boring in this type of exercise. It's not an all out go for it plan, but it gives you a competitive team with lots of help still in the prospect pipeline.

Opening Day Lineup:

Anderson SS

Moncada 2B

Stanton RF

Abreu 1B

Garcia LF

Lowrie 3B

Delmonico DH

Narvaez C

L Garcia CF

Bench: Smith, Engel, Sanchez, Davidson

Giolito SP

Shields SP

Lopez SP

Mikolas SP

Fulmer SP

Jones RHP

Minor LHP

Minaya RHP

Danish RHP

Bummer LHP

Infante RHP

Covey RHP

By midseason I would expect Kopech, Jimenez, and Rodon to all be up, which would really make for a fun roster. This team could be competitive this year and still have plenty of optimism going forward. If it really hurts your feelings making any future for present moves just cut out the two trades!

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