Coach face’s Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names. Note that you can trade before or after tendering a contract, and that players can also be extended.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go or qualifying offer)

Okay - my first time at this so please bear with me. Here are my starting assumptions:

1. 2018 is about building/refining roster toward 2019 and beyond. It would be good to get core pieces in place and coalescing as team but we will likely be positining for 2019 draft by end of year. 2020 is for real.

2. I see our biggest needs (again with eye toward 2019 and beyond) as LH pitching and the left side of the infield.

3. I believe we need to trade for LH pitching help and I like big hard throwers as complement to our RH dominant rotation. My targets are Sean Newcomb (Braves), Eduardo Rodriguez and Jay Groome (both Red Sox)

Free agents N/A


Okay - this is aggresive and possibly unrealistic but like I said, its my first time.

#1 we send Abreu and Yolmer to Red Sox (both ideal fits) in exchange for Rodriguez, Groome, Flores and Diaz (Flores, C and Diaz, SS are low very young with high potential). None of the acquired players on opening day roster but Rodriguez should be ready by mid-year.

#2 we send Avi, Danish and Engel to Blue Jays for Tulowitsky and Bo Bichette. Ideally, Toronto eats a big portion of Tulos remaining $54m/3yr. contract but would be prepared to absorb it all if it means obtaining Bichette (Dante's son can hit!!!). Tulo moves to third and mentors/backs up Anderson. If Timmy makes good progress, Bichette eventually slots in at 3rd. Either way, I'd be looking at De Sades or Gorman in draft for left side depth and flexibility.

#3 we send Davidson, Fulmer and Spencer Adams to Braves for Newcomb, Markakis and Matt Adams. Markakis takes over for Avi in right as bridge to Eloy and Adams holds down 1B while we sort out Gillaspie, Sheets, Burger, et al. Between Markakis and Adams we assume @$15M in salary for 2018, then expire.

On the plus side we add - Tulo, Bichette, Rodriguez, Newcomb, Groome, Adams and Markakis plus good looking lotto types in Flores and Diaz.

On the minus side we lose - Abreu, Avi, Yolmer, Davidson, Adams and Fulmer and we end up about $18M to 2018 payroll depending on final arb numbers.

I have not adjusted for bullpen simply because I am fairly indifferent (and also not entirely aware of the many options. I feel as though the BP will act as governor for W/L record as we get deeper into the year and can be adjusted accordingly.









Y. Garcia

Gillaspie (DH)

Starting Rotation






* on DL to open season so maybe Clarkin, Stevens get feet wet.


Not trying to be lazy on bullpen but just not in the know. Again, this is about 2019 and beyond when we have Rodon, Rodriguez, Hansen, Gio, Lopez, Kopech, Eloy, Moncada, Robert, Bichette, etc. Gonna be fun!

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