Petes offseason plan

Perikson7’s Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Explain the toughest calls if necessary: I'd offer Putnam, Petricka, and Alburquerque NRI contracts. Putnam/Petricka are just far to injury prone.

Impending free agents (re-sign, let go or qualifying offer)

Elaborate if needed: No need

Free agents

No. 1: Anthony Swarzek (3 years 15 mil): Bullpen is the main focus of acquisitions for 2018. Swarzek was a great find last year and worked well with Don Cooper. He had good walk and strikeout rates last year and I think he can close out some games. I think were all expecting some rough starts from our SP so the bullpen needs to be deeper.

No. 2: Clayton Richard (1year 5 mil): Old friend alert. Richard will serve multiple purposes. He can start by serving as the 5th starter with Rodon sidelined until June/July. He 's a ground ball pitcher(60%), but has given up a lot of bombs when he leaves pitches up. I'll hope cooper can work with him to minimize those deficiencies. Once Rodon is back or another pitcher is called up, Richard can move to the bullpen as a lefty specialist and provides some insurance against Bummer/Fry.

No. 3: Miles Mikolas (2year 10 mil): Honestly never heard of or have seen him before, but he's and intriguing reliever and exactly the type of player a rebuilding team should go after(read about him at MLBTradeRumors)

No. 4: Hector Santiago (minor league deal w/ incentives): Just an extra arm in case Fulmer/Richard absolutely face plant.


No. 1: Trade Avi Garcia to the Cardinals for Harrison Bader and Dakota Hudson. I've seen a lot of rumors that St. Louis will be looking to add through FA/Trades(ie: Donaldson), Avi fills their need in right field on an affordable contract. Avi isn't a guy I would really like to keep around as his track record is quite poor and his BABIP was unusually high. I still think Avi can maintain an above average BABIP and will be a decent 3 win or so player, but I'd rather sell will his stock is high(not sure how much he's valued by other teams though). In return the sox get their future center fielder in Bader(I'm not totally sold on any in house options including Robert). Bader is pretty much blocked in the outfield with Fowler in center and Pham in left. He's a pretty solid all around player with average defense in center, a good hit tool, and decent power for a CF. His strike out rate is still concerning, but he's made some adjustments last year. Hudson adds another bullpen arm with a fringy chance of starting.

No. 2: Trade Matt Davidson to the Blue Jays for Max Pentecost. Really just don't want Davidson on the team. With the Blue Jays losing Encarnacion, Bautista, and possibly Donaldson that's a ton of HR's gone that Davidson can help replace. He can play 3rd till Guerrero is ready and move to DH after. A one time sox draft target Pentecost's career has been derailed by injuries, but he managed to play 71 games in High A with decent results last year(.276/.332/.434). Not sure if he sticks at C or have to move to 1B/LF, but he's worth a shot.


CF: Bader

2B: Moncada

1B: Abreu

LF Delmonico

DH: W. Garcia/R. Cordell

SS: Anderson

3B: Sanchez

C: Narvaez/Smith

RF: L. Garcia

Bench: J. Peter, Narvaez/Smith, Engel/Tilson, Hansen

SP: Giolito

SP: Lopez

SP: Shields

SP: Fulmer

SP: Richard

CL: Swarzek

SU: Minaya

SU: Jones

P: Infante

P: Farquhar

P: Mikolas

P: Bummer

If my math is correct this comes out to about 82 mil overall. It keeps the sox pretty flexible heading into a big Free Agent year and gets the bullpen a little deeper to help out our young starters.

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