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Don Drysdale, a Frick candidate to cheer for

In what could be a somewhat dull winter meetings for the White Sox, Don Drysdale gives us something to cheer for.

Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Ken Levine/Getty Images

As the Winter meetings start today, there might be a lack of news for the White Sox this year. With rebuilding underway and questions about whether prospects will become stars or flame out, there might not be much to do this time around until the Rule 5 draft.

Fortunately, while we wait to see who drafts Jordan Guerrero, Sox fans do have something to cheer for. Don Drysdale is on the Frick award ballot.

Drysdale came to the White Sox TV booth in 1982 as part of the changes with the new ownership group that took over the White Sox the previous year. After Drysdale retired from baseball in 1969, he spent the next decade in the broadcast booth. He had called games for the Expos, Rangers, and Angels. He was also with NBC and ABC where he did some college football games along with baseball. Joining him in the White Sox booth was another former player, Hawk Harrelson. When Hawk became the Sox’ general manager in 1986, Drysdale teamed up with Frank Messer.

After the 1987 season, Drysdale left the Sox to join the Dodgers baseball broadcast team. It was an amicable breakup at the time. Drysdale had remarried in 1986 and was starting a family in southern California. “The Dodgers are almost a second family to me. We have a new baby, and this is going to make life a lot easier. When we`re home, we’re home.” Drysdale was in the Dodgers TV and radio booth until his death in 1993.

Drysdale has a tough road ahead for himself this time around with the Frick Award. The others nominated this time are Buddy Blattner, Joe Buck, Bob Costas, Dizzy Dean, Al Michaels, Joe Morgan and Pee Wee Reese. With Drysdale already in the Hall of Fame as a player, he was enshrined while with the Sox in 1984, he might have a tougher time getting in again.