2017 White Sox Valentine's Day Bonanza

Battle tested traditions never die, which is why I luvvvvv Valentine's Day. Yes! It’s the one time of the year where I can sit in front of my computer screen and think of puns derived from the White Sox 40 man roster AND NOT BE CONSUMED WITH THE FAILURES OF MY PERSONAL LOVE LIFE.

This marks the 3rd year of the Valentine’s Day card bonanza! As always, I’d like to thank Jim and the more active members of the community for continually letting me post this nonsense on the page.

If you are unfamiliar with this whole showing, you can look through the past photo selections at the following links:

2016 Valentine's Day Cards
The O.G. Post That Changed The World

Please feel free to post your own creations in the comments section.

Let's begin!

Juan Minaya

Juan Minaya doesn't play around and feels the direct method is always the best.

Derek Holland

This was just too easy but I tried to riff off of Sweet Baby Rays.


The puns never get old.

Tyler Saladino

There are literally a billion Saladino jokes that have gone around this site. Toss your Salad in the two hole, etc. Regardless, they're still fun.

James Shields

Thank you for making every trip to the ball park a very bad experience.

Avisal Garcia

This one was lame but it was a good starting point to lift my brain off the ground.

Carlos Sanchez

Who wouldn't want to be tapped in the sack by sexy Sanchez?



I love this one.


I'm not thrilled with this one but whatever, I spent the time cropping.


It just makes sense.


And on that note, I'm outta here! Till next year, friends!

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