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What would you like to see from South Side Sox in 2017?

Here is a picture of Mike Caruso.

This is the last full week of the offseason without baseball players doing baseball things. White Sox pitchers and catchers report on Feb. 14, and Jose Quintana is still a part of that, even though Bruce Levine considers a deal inevitable.

The fact that White Sox left-hander Jose Quintana will be traded soon is a forgone conclusion.

Some sources insist that Quintana, the 28-year-old would-be ace of the staff, will be dealt before spring training camps open on Feb. 14. With that in mind, the most interesting man at White Sox spring training in Glendale could be left-hander Carlos Rodon.

Quintana or not, this season is going to be a different one for the White Sox, and thus South Side Sox by proxy. The previous White Sox rebuilding effort caught everybody by surprise, as nobody expected the Sox to be a 99-loss kind of bad. They had no choice but to think about the next contending team, one that wouldn’t include veterans like Paul Konerko, Alex Rios, Adam Dunn and Jake Peavy.

The Sox didn’t need to trade Chris Sale and Adam Eaton. They could’ve gone either way, and they chose the deliberate step back. Rick Hahn says there won’t be shortcuts this time, either, providing another key distinction from the last rebuilding effort, which they had to abort before it’s originally scheduled date of arrival.

I’m no stranger writing through bad seasons, but one where the White Sox are inadvertently yet plainly challenging you to maintain your interest? That’s new. The minor leagues may be more interesting than the major leagues at various points of the season, which really hasn’t been the case, either.

Fortunately, it’s the 100th anniversary of the 1917 world champions, so there’ll be a daily account of a winning season one way or another. But with a different season creating different opportunties, I’m also taking a cue from Josh’s podcast survey, which provided valuable feedback that was worth following (once I got back from the burn ward).

And I’m taking a cue from Bless You Boys by throwing it out in the open: What would you like to see, read, hear, etc.? From me, from the staff, from the community? Be as general or specific as you like. Don’t be afraid to have a dumb/half-baked idea, because 1) sometimes they aren’t, and 2) somebody else might pick up that thread and pull it further. If somebody has voiced your thought, rec the responses so I know which ones have seconded, thirded and fifteenthed.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions, as well as your patronage. Both are always appreciated.