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Chicago White Sox expand concessions menu

Baseball loves it’s big ballpark food items and it doesn’t get much bigger than the Chicago White Sox 16” Grilled Cheese.
Josh Nelson

With Opening Day fastly approaching, the Chicago White Sox showed off their new concession items for the 2017 season.


A show (and heart) stopper is the new 16" Brisket Mac and Grilled Cheese. Long grilled cheese sandwiches are popular in Chicago bars The Scout and Pony Inn. This offering takes it to a whole new level combining 12-hour smoked brisket and house-made mac and cheese. Topped off with a stack of onion rings and Syrah barbecue sauce. Good luck to those that try to tackle sandwich solo.

Asian food makes its debut at Guaranteed Rate Field with "The Wok Off." A simple bowl of egg lo mein noodles mixed with vegetables and grilled chicken. Quite popular at Spring Training at Camelback Ranch, the Sox believe it'll be a hit in Chicago.

If you like spicy food, "The Heater" will be up your ally. A jalapeno cheddar sausage topped with house-made spicy coleslaw and a Sriracha mayo drizzle. As someone who can't handle spicy food well, this was not too extreme for me.

For the sweet tooth, fans can order a "Choco Kebab." Imported from Italy, Cremino Piemontese is shaved and served on a crepe. Or, there are the "Southside Mini Donuts," a bag of deep-fried dough coated with cinnamon and sugar. Perfect to go with a hot chocolate during cold weeknight games.

More food options:

  • Triple Play BBQ Sandwich: Brisket on top of pulled pork, on top of a jalapeno cheddar sausage, on a Kaiser roll.
  • Tacos Locos: Steak, chicken, and tilapia tacos will be available at the Club Level.
  • Chicken Margarita Sandwich.
  • Latin Vegetable Salad: For the health conscious, a mixture of jicama, black beans, corn, tomato, cucumber, poblano peppers, onion, and queso fresco with cilantro-lime dressing.


Rebranding the Miller Lite Lounge, the Craft Kave is home to 75 different beers and a new craft burger menu. Previously only accessible to 21 and older fans, all ages are welcomed to the new pub concept.

The new craft burger menu:

  • Four Bagger Burger: A quadruple cheeseburger
  • Veeck as in Wreck: A double cheeseburger topped with onion rings.
  • King 14 Burger: A double cheeseburger with an Italian sausage, topped off with sweet peppers and mozzarella cheese.
  • Clean Up Hitter: The King 14 Burger with marinara sauce.
  • “5-4-3 = 2” Burger: A bacon double cheeseburger.
  • Southside Burger: Double cheeseburger with Italian beef, topped off with provolone cheese and giardiniera.
  • Wild Pitch Burger: A double cheeseburger with grilled mushrooms and onions.

In addition to the Craft Kave, the White Sox are increasing the number of microbrews stands in the 100-level to four total, and adding another stand in the 500-level to two total.


If you have 25 friends and the cash (packages start at $4,000), Suite 134 might be the best place to take in a game. The location is directly behind home plate, and this new enclosed suite includes a full catering and beverage menu.

Casa Modelo is taking over the Miller Lite Bar that was in the left field corner. Renovations were still ongoing during the media tour, but that location has come quite in handy for fans during rain delays and avoiding freezing temperatures.