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Sporcle Saturday: AL Central White Sox Killers, Dingers Edition

Everyone loves dingers

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Ryan Raburn crushing Sox pitching; also, our hopes and dreams
Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

With the news last weekend that the White Sox signed noted Pale Hose killer Ryan Raburn, it piqued my curiosity regarding who the prominent Sox killers have been for each team in the American League Central. A couple of the names on the list surprised me; many others brought back long-repressed memories and shudders of horror.

Today’s challenge: from each AL Central team, name the five players who have hit the most home runs against the Sox for their franchise, since the inception of the American League Central in 1994. A few notes:

  • The Milwaukee Brewers are not included in this quiz, since they moved to the NL Central in 1998.
  • Two teams had two players tied for fifth in home runs. Therefore, there are 22 names in this quiz instead of an even 20.
  • As usual, the quiz will accept full names (first and last), or last names only. I’ve provided hints in the form of the team the player was with, dingers hit, and their length of tenure with that team. You have four minutes, and do not need to go in numerical order. Good luck!

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or sadden your friends:

  • The average triple-slash line from the players in this quiz: .284/.356/.506
  • The Milwaukee Brewer who had the most home runs against the Sox? Old friend Jose Valentin, with 7 dingers
  • In career bWAR, the top five players overall: 72.9, 69.3, 24.7, 50, 27.3

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