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Luis Robert in action

With so much intrigue surrounding Luis Robert, it sure would be great to see video of him in action. Thankfully, there are multiple clips on YouTube that can help us understand the type player Robert is.

15-minutes in a batting cage video (Source: Baseball America)

Multiple angles are taken around the stadium watching Robert take batting practice. I don't think the ball ever landed at the 10:28 mark.

Non-stadium footage

Not sure where this game was, but the home plate umpire has to stand behind the pitcher because there isn't enough space to stand behind the catcher. At the :54 mark is a great view of Robert taking an outside fastball to left center.

Serie Nacional in-game action: 2015-16 season

At the age of 18, Robert played in 68 games and hit .305/.384/.413 with five home runs and 29 RBI.

Serie Nacional in-game action: 2016-17 season

At the age of 19, Robert played in 53 games and hit .401/.526/.687 with 12 home runs and 40 RBI.

The :40 mark is fun to watch.

Luis Robert at his private workout with the Houston Astros

Let's watch how fast Luis Robert can run

Here is Jordan Adell, 2017 draft prospect, mocked in both SSS and Baseball America to be selected by the Sox at 11, running the 60-yard dash in 2015.

6.47 seconds is good. Using Kiley McDaniel's Fangraphs scout model, that's considered to be Plus Plus (70-75).

Now, let's watch Robert run.

6.139 seconds. Maybe the gun is fast, or the timers are not synced to when Robert started. Let's just be safe and say Robert has Plus Plus speed as well. Maybe even better.