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Sporcle Saturday: White Sox Opening Day starting pitchers in the DH era

Some of them were as bad as you remember

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox
A possible visual metaphor for many White Sox Opening Day starts
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Sporcle Saturday!

Back in February, I submitted a “Proof of Concept” Fanpost in response to Jim’s call for content we’d like to see from SSS. For those who may be unfamiliar with the concept, Sporcle is a website where anybody can create trivia content. A couple of different SB Nation sister-sites run weekly features containing fun, usually team-centric trivia, a concept from which this weekly feature is inspired.

Today’s challenge: Name all of the White Sox Opening Day starting pitchers from 1973 to the present, in five minutes or less. Yes, that includes this year’s starter; you can thank me for that gimme later. Why 1973, you ask? A fair question! For an inaugural quiz, I thought it might be a bit much to require players to think through every season of White Sox baseball since 1901, and 1973 seemed like a fair cutoff point with the adoption of the designated hitter in that year.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or sadden your friends:

On opening day during this period, the White Sox:

So: 25 starters spanning 45 seasons, 5 minutes or less. The quiz will accept full names (first and last), or just last names. Hints are provided in the form of the year(s) each starter pitched on Opening Day. You do not need to go in chronological order, as that might violate the Eighth Amendment. Good luck!

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