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Sox Century: May 29, 1917

White Sox continue winning ways in games that count after exhibition in Iowa

Happy Felsch.
Library of Congress / Bain Collection

At this point, one should come to expect White Sox victories. The Sox came into the series opener against the St. Louis Browns 12-1-1 over their last 14 games. Sure enough, the Sox extended their undefeated streak to six games with a 4-2 victory at Comiskey Park.

Happy Felsch provided the decisive blow in the first inning, taking Bob Groom deep for a three-run homer that followed singles by Buck Weaver and Eddie Collins. Reb Russell and Eddie Cicotte made that initial outburst hold up. Russell held the Browns scoreless through four innings before walks turned into runs in the fifth and sixth. Pants Rowland then called upon Eddie Cicotte, who finished the game for a three-inning save two days after throwing a shutout.

The Sox could’ve scored more, but Eddie Collins committed two TOOTBLANs according to the Chicago Examiner:

Eddie Collins was the chief offender on the sacks, twice slipping up on excellent chances to get home. He stopped between third and the plate in the sixth when he had a good chance to score if he had hurried, and after a pass in the sixth [sic; the Tribune says it was the eighth] failed to score on a double by [Joe] Jackson. He hesitated at second, probably forgetting two were gone, and then ambled to third. His lack of speed can be excused because of his suffering with a bruised heel.

All this is important, especially since the Sox the win only maintained the tie for first place in the American League.

But I’m more occupied with what happened the day before.

On a scheduled off day, the White Sox headed to Waterloo, Iowa, to play an exhibition minor-league team. Pants Rowland played a lot of reserves against the Central Association team, including Fred McMullin, Ted Jourdan, Joe Jenkins, Dave Danforth and Mellie Wolfgang. On the other hand, Collins played with that sore foot for seven innings of the nine innings.

The Sox ended up winning 7-0 in front of 3,000 fans, and then were entertained in the evening before heading bac to Chicago. I can’t find an exact reason for a date like that. I’m guessing additional revenue is the simplest answer. At least they can say it kept them sharp.

Record: 27-13 | Box score