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Last Call : 2017 SSS Outing

T - one month = moneys, honeys

you’re not coming?

Thanks to all who have quickly committed and paid, so helpful you are!

For the rest of you, the time is nigh.
Are you ins or are you outs for our First of July gathering?

Below is the active roster and payment status as far as I’ve tracked.
Please skim to be sure you’re on this list if you’re supposed to be on this list; and that I’ve received your moneys if I was supposed to receive your moneys (payment noted with “x” next to name).

In related news, I am going to need some help with the tailgate. I pulled off a small miracle in beef logistics last year, but I won’t be able to do that again.

So, if you’re driving and can bring a grill or some coolers…
Or if you’re getting a ride to the park and can swing by to pick up some catered food on the way…
Or if you have a buttload of plastic utensils and relish on hand because your offspring just had a graduation party (and proud we are of all of them)...

Please send me an email to convey your willingness to help in any way.

This will be the final post on site about the event, so email me directly if you need to follow up on anything.

Enlisted methuppers and tailgaters may expect an email with more event info in the week leading up to July 1

Current roster:

homesickalien x

Jim Margalus x

Kenwo4Life x

Formerly known as KP x

lastof12 x

mrs lastof12 x

Kyle321N x

Kyle’s friend Ben x

Kyle’s mom (hehe) x

Kyle’s dad x

Hazymania x

Mrs Hazy x

HappyHuman x

colintj x

Lil Jimmy $ pending

MadManx x

Trooper x

Schoolly_D x

The Cheat x

benjaminbutton19 x

Anohito $ pending

OG Mike x

Trooper Galactus x

Reindeer Games x

Reindeer Games “gf” x

egus x

Dr Emilio Lizardo x

Josh Nelson x

Steve_P tentative - need answer

Steve_P kid tentative - need answer

Tailgate only:

larry, billyok