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Sporcle Saturday: Most consecutive games with a dinger

Can you name all the Sox’ hitters who have had HR streaks of 4+ games?

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Chicago White Sox
Get this man some butter, because he’s on a roll!
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

As has been documented on this site and elsewhere, Matt Davidson has been on quite the tear. With the conclusion of Friday’s game, Davidson finished with four consecutive games with at least one home run . In all, there have been 28 instances of a member of the Sox hitting a home run in at least four games in a row.

Your challenge for today? Name all 28 of those instances. If I did the math right, that’s twenty unique names, since multiple players have accomplished the feat multiple times. Good luck!

Quiz parameters

  • As usual, the quiz will accept first and last names, in addition to last names only.
  • You’ll have 7 minutes to complete the list.
  • As hints, I’ve provided the year in which the streak took place as well as the number of consecutive games.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or sadden your friends:

  • The average triple-slash of the players on this list is: .427/.485/1.298
  • Not every player on this list was station-to-station: one player also stole two bases during their home run streak.
  • The major league record for most consecutive games with a home run is 8, accomplished by 3 players. The most recent occurrence was in 1993, by Ken Griffey, Jr.

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