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Sox Century: June 2, 1917

The White Sox and Eddie Cicotte can’t be stopped

Chicago Examiner headline from June 3, 1917.

The calendar had flipped to June, but Eddie Cicotte kept pitching like it was May.

After finishing the previous month going 6-1 with a 0.31 ERA and two saves, Cicotte maintained his dominant streak by throwing a three-hitter against the Philadelphia Athletics for a 4-0 victory.

Thanks to rainouts — the opener of the Philadelphia series was postponed -- it was Cicotte’s third appearance in as many games, and against as many opponents. He threw a complete game victory over the Senators on May 27, came back to throw a three-inning save against the Browns on May 29, then dominated the A’s in a victory so precise “it was not even interesting,” wrote James Crusinberry of the Chicago Tribune.

Happy Felsch gave Cicotte all the runs he needed in the first inning. Bullet Joe Bush issued Joe Jackson and intentional walk to load the bases, only to give up a bases-clearing double to Felsch, who swatted it in to Shibe Park’s left-field corner. Cicotte put the game on lockdown afterward, allowing only two runners as far as second base (Chick Gandil turned a line drive into the double play in the first to send Cicotte on his way). The White Sox improved to 14-1-1 over their last 16 games.

Record: 28-13 | Box score